Drs. Stacy and Nicole Kimmel

Brought together by their desire to help, to heal and to live as an example of the power of love, they combine their strengths, forging a true partnership dedicated to healthy change. Nicole holds a Ph.D. in Lifestyle Health Coaching and is a licensed business coach. Stacy is a Naturopathic Doctor and holds a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. With over 25 years of coaching experience, this dynamic duo owns a private practice called Thriveology and they are the co-founders of pH Life www.yourpHlife.com. They strive to inspire others to rise to their fullest potential and create the life of their dreams.

For personal coaching, contact Stacy or Nicole at www.theThriveologists.com

Dr. Tom and Ruthie Petit

Synergistic, multidisciplinary, nationally board certified therapists, clinical supervisors and life coaches, Dr. Tom and Ruthie Petit possess a love for Jesus Christ, one another, family, friends, community and clients. The Petits unite the strength of their 35 year marriage and 30 years of professional experience to bring help, hope and healing. As authors and creators of Oaks and Roses, together they live, teach, counsel and coach this dynamic approach to relationship and marriage. SHAPE ReClaimed empowered Dr. Tom to release the remainder of 140 pounds and Ruthie, 25 pounds. Sharing it along with SELF ReClaimed is a passion and a joy.

For more information, visit www.drtompetit.com

Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch

Together, Dr. Todd and Linda believe their steps are being ordered by God and have dedicated the past 35 years to making a positive impact to TRANSFORM HEALTHCARE: One Patient at a Time! As developer and founders of SHAPE ReClaimed™, the nationally known lifestyle modification and weight loss program, they consider it an honor to be a part of someone else’s journey of SELF as they “ReClaim” their health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Information about SHAPE ReClaimed available at www.ShapeReClaimed.com