This Self-Empowerment Toolkit will teach you to say: “This is not how my story is going to end!”

What’s inside?

Each element of the SELF ReClaimed toolkit was intentionally chosen to provide an invaluable experience through the utilization of three successful therapies: Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Biblio-Therapy. Each strategy helps initiate transformation by changing Limiting Beliefs to Limit-Less Beliefs.

In order to explain these therapies in an easy-to-understand manner, SELF ReClaimed is a parable [paruh-buh l], which is a story that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy or the like.

The symbolism of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, by transforming inside the chrysalis, is the theme of the SELF ReClaimed program.  No different than a tiny little caterpillar, each of us has the ability to fly, if and when we decide to.  SELF ReClaimed provides the tools to help you change limiting beliefs into limit-less beliefs; through a process that will give you the strength, the knowledge and the skills to create the life of your dreams.  There are no rules about where to start, only that you start.  More importantly, that you finish!  Everything inside your chrysalis is of equal importance.  Downloadable instructions.

The video below titled “SELF ReClaimed Webinar” is dated 4-28-2016, so know that any expiration dates or coupon codes mentioned, were specific for that time period.  However, the information presented in the webinar is timeless and priceless.


SELF ReClaimed




The Chrysalis Cards introduce 33 words/topics that you will already know; such as Love, Faith, Joy, Peace, Truth, Humility, etc.  However, these cards will take you beyond the definition of the word.  They will provide a deep exploration of the word, including real life experience and application.


The Transformation Journals will enable you to learn, through guided exercises and help you document your “beliefs” as you go.


The Caterpillar Journal is where you will keep track of your limiting beliefs. Some of these beliefs may come to mind quickly, whereas others may come to light as you work through the “flutter” exercises in your Chrysalis journal.


The Chrysalis Journal is where your transformation will take place. It is an extension of the Chrysalis cards; providing guided exercises and instruction on each word, to better explain the concept.


The Butterfly Journal is where you will document your limit-less beliefs. After learning a new way of thinking or fostering a new skill within your chrysalis, new beliefs will emerge, taking the place of the old limiting beliefs.


The Biblio-Therapy pockets suggest book titles, respective to that word.  Once you read the card and complete the respective exercise, you can store your card in the dedicated pocket within the spreads, to represent completion.


SELF ReClaimed Biblio-Therapy pockets


SELF ReClaimed Change Challenge Card


The Change Challenge cards will “challenge” you to learn new habits by choosing any card in the pouch & implementing it for as long as necessary.  Once the new habit has become involuntary, pass the card on to someone else and challenge them to do the same.  The back of each card has a great quote about habits, to make you think on an even deeper level about how these habits affect you and everyone around you.

SELF ReClaimed Change Challenge Card
Downloadable Instructions




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